Lawson's Dry Hill

This well-known Marlborough winery was planted by Ross and Barbara Lawson in 1980. We were was contacted by Barbara to help them create a super-premium label to commemorate the recent loss of her husband. This phone call turned out to be the beginning of an imaginative partnership and the start of a lifelong friendship.

A friend in the wine business strongly recommended Creative Practice to me. Their very first task required complete sensitivity to detail - to create a label to commemorate the pioneering life of my husband Ross. To our delight, the final result over delivered and our relationship with them was cemented. When they were asked to help with some magazine advertising, they encouraged us to move away from the usual winery output and into something entirely new and ‘bloody’ engaging! We love their work and have complete confidence that we’re working with an agency that totally understands our own business and that of the highly competitive and exacting marketing demands within our industry.

Barbara Lawson
Founder and Brand Ambassador | Lawson’s Dry Hills

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